About Us

Ann Cares Foundation (ACF) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps poor families who has terminally ill children by help building their lives.

About Ann

Ann was a cheerful, adorable child who brought much joy to those around her. She was well behaved, very loving and caring. She knew how to respect elders and in return gained the love and affection of everyone in her family. As she grew up, she learned how to adjust to family circumstances and was always content with what she had.

Ann always dreamed of becoming a finance professional and started her preps early. She could relate to people of all ages, which made her very likeable. Ann had a heart of compassion and would never think twice about helping someone in need, especially children and the elderly. She used to save the pocket money she received from her parents and bring her friends every weekend to the children’s cancer hospital in Chennai, distributing fruits and soft foods to the poor young patients struggling for their lives.

In 2005 she had a setback in her health. It took a while before doctors could identify her problem, an uncommon condition called refractory anemia. The treatment cost was high, and her parents sacrificed all they could to get Ann the best medical care. During her treatment, Ann remained joyful, strong, and resilient. She comforted many other patients and won the hearts of the medical staff attending her. Her heart went to those who had similar conditions, especially the parents who were emotionally, financially, and physically stirred.

While we all thought our Ann would soon be back in our midst, our sovereign Lord had another plan of taking her home: Ann had won the heart of God above all.

At her memorial service, we learned that Ann had touched numerous lives of all ages. The church was packed: about 1,000 people came to pay their final respects. Ann had a passion for counseling, singing, and visiting people in need.

Though she is not with us anymore, Ann left behind great memories and taught us how brief our lives can be. She lived her own life beautifully. Her memory lit a torch in the form of this foundation that we carry on.

Mission, Vision & Values

A world where marginalized individuals and families facing serious illness, death, and grief receive humane treatment so that they can begin to rebuild their lives.

The organization is committed to supporting families by coordinating, Emotional and Physical Services, Psychological Care, Wellness Programs, Tutoring Music, Art Transportation, and Educational support for siblings, Livelihood opportunities for women and parents struggling with their child’s terminally ill diagnosis.

Every family in ACF is united by hope and a common search for health and healing.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Our partners play a huge part in supporting the important work we do, helping ensure that we can be there for under privileged children's and their families.

  • United Methodist Women