What We Do

The Mission of Ann Cares Foundation is to improve quality of life of children's with cancer and life-threatening illness.


Nothing can erase the sadness and distress that parents experience while caring for a child with terminal illness. ACF provides psychological counseling that makes them feel less alone.

The foundation strives to make the families understand that it is normal to experience emotions such as anger, guilt and frustration. It helps them gain an understanding of the illness and vulnerable and prepare for the future.

Very often everyone in the family is a state of denial and counseling helps to bring acceptance and the will to look forward with hope.

Educational Support

Due to the less privilege backgrounds the young patients who approach us come from very often they along with their siblings have no options but to drop out of school due to relocation for treatment and unbearable expenses.

We at ACF provide school fees and stationery like school bags and uniforms to deserving children on case to case basis sometimes help is also provided to the siblings who may be deprived of education. Priority is given to the girl child .Meal token are also provided.

Nutritional Support

Many forms of child hood cancer and today's cancer treatment involving chemotherapy and radiation negatively impact the child's appetite ,ability to eat and process and store nutrients.

ACF strives to provide good nutritious supplements to such children. This not helps to fight the disease but helps to keep the child from becoming weak and vulnerable to infections. Caretakers are provided with meal tokens during the period of treatment.

Health & Hygiene

Hygiene is extremely important as various treatments leave the body vulnerable to infections and diseases.

ACF provides personal hygiene products like bath soaps, shampoos, tooth paste, brush, hair oil, combs, diapers, baby foot wear, feeding bottles, bib and sanitizers. These aid the young patients and their care givers to maintain personal hygiene and remain healthy and infection free.


Very often it takes great effort and risk to bring ill children from their houses to treatment centres.

To facilitate transportation form the bus stand / railway station an 8 seater vehicle with emergency medical amenities is being arranged.

Temporary Housing

Families' relocation for the treatment of their child find it near to impossible to afford stay close to treatment centres.

Only mothers are allowed to stay along with the child other members sleep on payments or bus shelters without a choice, these places are not only unhygienic but unsafe too. ACF provides temporary shelter where family members can stay and get to spend more time with the sick child and the family secure and happy as is possible.

Fulfilling Children's Wish

ACF believes that granting a wish is a simple and rewarding way to lift the sagging spirits of the child and family.

It gives them a chance to create lasting and positive moments. These wishes help to captivate children and help take them away from pain and uncertainty caused by the illness. Whenever possible the foundation grants wishes to the young children who have been diagnosed in advanced stages fulfilling their wishes helps lift their spirits during particularly difficult times in their lives.